Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm going to have a new best friend!

I am going to have a new best friend and I am "very excited" about this. You see, up until today we haven't really been friends at all. We have really been adversaries. My new best friend is in my new kindergarten class at school. We have very different personalities. Very different. But that doesn't matter, he and I will be best friends!
If my new best friend and I were both adults in an office, we probably would have a tense working relationship. I would stick to my space and he would stick to his. We would interact only when necessary. But, guess what? We are not both adults. I am the adult and he is not quite 5 yet. Because I am the teacher and he is the student I don't have the "luxury" of polite avoidance. I don't have the option to just walk away.
I really have two choices:
1. Trudge through this year with a chip on my shoulder and frustrated - or-
2. Change my attitude.
I choose to change my attitude.
So, starting Monday, I will have a new best friend! And, really, I am very excited!

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