Monday, August 6, 2012

Kinderchat Challenge # 6

Well, if you scroll down, you will notice that I skipped a week in the Kinderchat Kinderblog challenge. That is because I am on vacation and was unable to meet the challenge ;(.  We were to take pictures of items around our house that represent us. I tried going through the pictures on my computer to see if I could meet the challenge, but there really wasn't anything there that "spoke" to me. Oh well, I will pick it up with this weeks challenge:

What are my "tricks of the trade" to get through those days that are more stressful than others? I really only have one "trick". I refuse to fight the power. So, on those days when I am not at my best, or the children are off, we spend a lot of time in "child directed activities". And by that I mean PLAY! My classroom is set up in centres. You can see the various centres below. There is math, science, language arts, blocks (can't see them, but I promise they are there!), sand, art, library, and dramatic play.

I make sure there are a variety of activities available in each area, some old, some new. I want children to be challenged, but not overwhelmed. So, on those days when things are just not quite 'there' we spend a lot less time listening to Mrs. Marshall teach to the whole class. We spend more time in small groups, working and playing together.