Sunday, September 7, 2014

When do I start Guided Reading?

If you asked me this question, even last week, I would have given you the kindergarten "politically correct" answer, "Well, when each child is ready, that's when we start..." But that's a lie. It was a lie when I told a friend that last week (sorry Michelle). I knew it, but I was too afraid to say what I really thought. Not any more.
In our Province, we have a goal that Kindergarten children will be reading at "Instructional C" by the end of Kindergarten. So, we do have the responsibility to introduce our students to reading. As I have been thinking about when to introduce guided reading, it is typically after Christmas in January. But I'll let you in on a little secret: sometimes I wait until February. But NEVER before Christmas (even though I have said in the past that if someone was ready I would start early...).
Why not begin guided reading before Christmas? Well, for one thing, we have more important things to learn. We need to learn to work as a group. We need to build community. We need to learn the routines of the class and the routines of the school. The social piece of learning is more important than the academic piece in Kindergarten,
And here's another thing: I have never seen a student not learn to read if I don't introduce it before Christmas. But I have seen plenty struggle when it is introduced too soon. Kindergarten has gotten increasingly academic over the past number of years. But that doesn't mean we have to sacrifice our children's mental health in order to be "smarter". If you are a Kindergarten teacher, I know you struggle with the same balance as I do. You can be intellectually ready to learn, but not emotionally ready to learn. And if you are not emotionally ready to learn, then it will impact far more than your reading ability. 
So, this year I make this statement and I make it proudly: I will not begin Guided Reading until January. And I might even wait until February. I'm not sure. Here's what I am sure of: There are more important things than reading and writing. Being a good citizen is one of them,
Here' to a new year!

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