Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kinder blog '13 Assignment #1: Confessions

It's that time of year! Time for the #Kinderchat blog challenge. I love this because it helps re-ignite my desire to blog. Of course this only lasts a few months, then life gets in the way. However, I try just the same.

This weeks challenge is the word confessions. So, here is my confession: I never wanted to teach kindergarten. I never wanted to teach in the public school system. I am afraid someone will finally come along and they'll "know" I'm a fraud. There. I said it!
I was totally early childhood for many, many years. My BA is in early childhood, and I was as happy as a clam in the ECE world. I loved the freedom to go with the students interests without having to worry whether or not I was reaching the right outcomes, or would be stepping on another teachers toes if we covered a subject that might have been taught later on. I loved watching the child develop in those first 4-5 years. It was fun to play, just because. (And I also really loved nap time- it was the best gig in town!)
But, things change, and life happens and all of the sudden I was teaching kindergarten in the public school system! It all happened really fast. One minute I am teaching kindergarten in a community based private not for profit early childhood centre, the next minute, the government of the day decided to move K into the schools. It was a crazy year, we educators weren't sure if we would even have a job the next year. After a long hiring process, all of the sudden I found myself in a place I had never intended.
Here's the second half of my confession: as much as I loved being in early childhood, I could never go back. Although I miss some of the freedom and lack of red tape (and nap time), I have found the challenge I needed in the public kindergarten setting. I find I enjoy creating projects with the children and finding ways to not only fit in the outcomes, but stretch their learning.
My fears about the system were larger than the realities of working in that system. Each year is still different than the last, each class a unique challenge. I look forward to this next year. I love teaching kindergarten!

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  1. I never meant to teach kindergarten either. I never even meant to be a teacher. And when I did (it was all about a man - still married to him 25 years later), I trained to be a high school English teacher. I guess, by accident or by design, we both kindergarten is not too bad after all :)