Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kinderchat Challenge #3: List your Pet Peeves

This is the third entry for the Kinderchat blog challenge.  Hope I don't ruffle too many feathers, but if you are a parent reading this, perhaps you will gain a bit of insight on the world of teachers.

1) When students come in 30 minutes late for class--repeatedly!
A lot goes on in that first 30 minutes of the day, and for many students, if they come in late, their       entire day is thrown off. Routine is important to children!

2) Lace up shoes when the child cannot tie them!
It isn't even so much that I honestly don't have the time (and really, I don't), but children need to be responsible for themselves and their belongings. If they are constantly having to go to the teacher for help with a simple task, the message they get is that they are not competent.  Give the child velcro shoes, or buy the elastic laces. Give the child independence in their daily routine and give them pride!

3) Lack of communication!
The responsibility for this lies first on the teacher, but then on the parents. It is up to the teacher to foster an environment that lets parents know they are a team for the student. But parents need to realize that all of those 'little' things that happen, can be perceived as big things through the eyes of the child.

4) Too much communication!
I love your child, I really do. But I cannot answer 50 e-mails a day about little Johnny. And, if you e-mail me with an issue like, "When will you put up the next blog post?" or, "My child didn't receive their chocolate milk today, what went wrong and how will you fix it so it doesn't happen again?" I will not answer you. Ever. Really, I mean it!

5) I am human and I have a life and a family too!
Yes, your child is my responsibility when they are in my care. But my child is my responsibility all of the time. So if I have to take time off because I want to see my child do something, or they need to go to the doctor, I will. Just like you take time off for your child. And if you see me out and about during the day, I will stumble over myself to explain why I am not at school. Because that is the cultural reality for teachers (at least around here). We aren't given "vacation days" or "personal days". We have sick days and family days (for when our family needs us). That is it. I am not complaining, because I do get to go to the beach in July. But also know that just because I "don't work" in the summer, I also don't get paid!

I love my profession, I love my school. I wouldn't do anything else. And, I suppose if I didn't have those 5 pet peeves, my job would be pretty boring indeed!


  1. Agreed agreed agreed! Especially about the laces and the million emails lol. Parents need to realize I get their emails times 26 other students! That's too many to respond to!

    I also don't like when kids are perpetually late. They're missing important class time!

  2. The shoelaces don't get much better by first or second grade, in my experience. I've had students with theirs untied so frequently I didn't know whether they didn't feel like tying them, or didn't know how.

    The communication issue is a good point too. Perhaps parents would benefit from a guide akin to tattling vs. reporting that you would do with the kids...but email worthy vs. let it slide.

  3. Yes I do feel weird when I am off for my kids or have an appointment so I run into the store while I am out. I worry I'll run into a parent even though I know I am able to take this time. Hate that feeling. @pattymcn

  4. I think sometimes parents forget that we have appointments too and that our job does not permit us to leave for one hour and then come back.